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Picture showing Timing belt close to failing

Cambelt Replacement

The cambelt or timing belt plays a vital part in maintaining the critical timing between the crankshaft and the camshaft. When this relatively cheap but vital part is neglected, major engine damage will be inflicted on the valves, possibly the pistons too, which would result in the total destruction of the engine. Cambelt failure results in more cars being scrapped than any other mechanical defect.

The cambelt is made from a rubber/kevlar based composite and its wear is influenced by time, mileage and various sources of contamination such as oil, fuel and anti-freeze. It is imperative that it is replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals as cambelt failure can be traumatic and expensive, and can occur without warning.

At J D Cambelts we always replace the cambelt as a kit.  This will include the tensioner and guide and idler pulleys that it may run on.  We will also advise whether you would benefit from replacing other components (eg hydraulic damper, water pump, auxiliary belt) at the same time.

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